Francisco Dominguez
Senior Director of Field Sales Engineering | Ciena
Francisco Dominguez, At a Glance

franciscoAfter graduating with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Dominguez began his career in the technology sector. He also holds a diploma with a specialization in marketing, as well as degrees in English and French. One of the greatest highlights of Mr. Dominguez's career was being identified as a key resource by the CEO of Ciena, a recognition not many employees were given even after completing strategic milestones. From there, Mr. Dominguez took leadership development courses offered by the company and has since been applying his natural ability with the material learned in the development courses.

Mr. Dominguez earned Ciena’s Carrier Ethernet certification as well as Ciena’s Optical certification. On top of the long hours of hard work he puts it to the company; he supports various local charities, and also Children International, Smile Train and Camillus House.

In his spare time, Mr. Dominguez enjoys spending his time with his two children, as well as playing tennis, looking after his cars, reading history books and learning new languages. He also follows several sports, including football, soccer, tennis and car racing. His favorite business publications are Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Economist Magazine and Financial Times.

Francisco Dominguez
Senior Director of Field Sales Engineering
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