Francisco Dominguez
Senior Director of Field Sales Engineering | Ciena
Francisco Dominguez Displays a Wide Variety of Skills at Ciena

Demonstrating 20 years of industry know-how, Francisco Dominguez is proven to excel in the telecommunications solution industry. As the senior director of field sales engineering for network technologies company Ciena, Mr. Dominguez is experienced in supporting sales and educating customers about Ciena’s technology and how it will impact their businesses and lives. He is noted for his ability to educate others on how the technologies can help solve specific challenges, ranging from optimizing networks to reducing Capex/Opex, and/or planning for the introduction of new service to create differentiation in the market place.

Mr. Dominguez serves as a liaison to the research and development department as well as a consultant and adviser to new services in the marketplace. He supports Ciena’s vision for the future and actively works on solving roadblocks and creating better processes to help reach Ciena’s goals. At Ciena, Mr. Dominguez also focuses on fiber optics and Ethernet projects. He takes pride in driving change by actively pushing for new and better processes to be implemented.

Throughout the course of his lengthy career, Mr. Dominguez has continually attributed his success to his dedication, honesty, go-getter attitude and work ethic. He also credits his success to working long hours and treating every customer the same way: as a top priority. Additionally, he places extreme emphasis on ensuring all commitments are delivered as promised. His known areas of expertise include fiber optics, ethernet, switching network equipment, product marketing, field sales, engineering, management of large organizations, and doing business in an international and multinational market. As Mr. Dominguez moves forward in his professional life, he expects to be in a higher level position with more responsibilities while supporting customers on a global basis.

Francisco Dominguez
Senior Director of Field Sales Engineering
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